What is an LPA?
What are the Benefits of LPA’s?
When Should I Make my LPA’s?
And if I Don’t Make my LPA’s?
What Does it Cost?

What’s Included and What Does it Cost?

There are two fees involved with making your Lasting Powers of Attorney, and these are:

  1. Professional Fees
  2. Registration Fees

1. Professional Fees

The professional fees are the cost of our services and include the following:

  • Providing information and advice in respect of your Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Visiting you at home to discuss your requirements and complete your LPA applications
  • Acting as Certificate Provider
  • Meeting with Attorneys to explain their role and witness documents
  • Forwarding your application to the OPG, monitoring their progress, and resolving any queries raised by them
  • Providing guidance on how to use your LPA’s once they have been registered

Finance OR Health LPA

£199per person
  • 1 OPG registration fee (see below)

Finance AND Health LPA

£349per person
  • 2 OPG registration fees (see below)

2. Registration Fees

The registration fees are paid directly to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) in order to register your Lasting Power of Attorney Applications. The OPG levies a charge for each application and the amount payable will depend on the applicant’s income. The charges are currently £82 for those on an annual income of £12,000 or more, with a 50% remission of charges to £41 where the applicant’s income is under £12,000 per annum. Those in receipt of certain qualifying benefits will be eligible for a 100% exemption of charges meaning that no fee will be due to the OPG.